H&N Konnections :

H&N Konnections simply means helps and needs connections and it’s s all about helping one another in different capacity, you may be rejected,traumatized,stigmatized ,sick etc and you need a helping hand ,this is a site to turn to and also you may be looking out for ways to help someone ,this is also the place to be,it’s all about connecting to one another ,a helper reaching out to one in need. But kindly note it’s all controlled on biblical standards and no scams here please.

Contact us:

Email address

djaqua01@gmail.com, divine.blessing01@yahoo.com

Join us on Facebook :  H&N Konnections

Join us on Twitter: H&N Konnections @djaqua01

Join us on WhatsApp : +46735554474

Lend a helping hand. Love you all

9 thoughts on “H&N Konnections :

  1. Thank you Moses, really open for more ideas and i want to really be of help to many as much as i can, looking for more helpers out there to join in this. We can make a huge difference in lives.


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